The Collection

The Perfumers Collection

World Class Fragrances from a World Class Perfumer

The highly acclaimed Creative Perfumer Christian Provenzano is proud to unveil his new range of six unique fragrance creations. The “CP” Perfumers Collection range is the culmination of two years’ work by Christian in which he combines his vast knowledge of perfumery ingredients together with his artistic passion and creative genius to produce a collection of stunning and unforgettable fragrances that use the very finest ingredients including the unique Aromafusion technology developed by CPL Aromas.

Each fragrance is a carefully molded work of art designed to combine an eclectic mix of precious ingredients to produce an intoxicating and powerful olfactory experience. Christian has a reputation in the industry for being a perfectionist when it comes to formulating new creations so it was only natural that he would pay special attention to the creations that bear his own name.

Commenting on the influences for this range Christian said

It has been a long held ambition of mine to produce a signature range of fragrances ever since embarking on my journey in the fragrance industry some forty years ago. The inspiration for these creations comes from my child hood home of Morocco where I experienced, for the first time, the beauty of the many natural ingredients used in perfumery and it is no accident that many of the ingredients used in my new range originate from the fields of Morocco.

Christian adds

These creations have allowed me to express artistic license by formulating truly unique fragrances using the finest ingredients available without having to worry about cost restrictions that can often inhibit the creative process