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About Christian Provenzano

Christian Provenzano has over fifty years of experience in the Fragrance Industry and is officially a Master Perfumer whose creations have inspired the success of fine fragrance brands throughout the world. This passion and knowledge of essential oils was spawned from Provenzano’s childhood in Morocco where he grew up being surrounded by some of the most evocative ingredients used in the world of perfumery.

His love of perfumery first surfaced in Europe where he became involved with a Dutch fragrance house where he trained to become a Perfumer. Since those early years Provenzano has honed his skills with other fragrance houses and has travelled the world exploring six different continents whilst developing a deep knowledge of the ingredients used.

Most recently Provenzano has been based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where he has developed a love and passion for Oriental perfumery whose influences are evident as a growing trend in perfumery across the globe with the increasing use of ingredients commonly found in the Asia. These local influences are evident in the rare and precious ingredients found in Christian Provenzano’s new range, CP Parfums.

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